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       Our Texas Trailblazer Smoker is a lifetime guaranteed, heavy welded steel pit. Texas Trailblazer smoker style pits are designed with more features than any competitively priced smoker. The 12" wheel moves easily through thick grass. The firebox doubles as a charcoal/wood grill. We've welded a gas port on the backside of the firebox so you can add our LP smoker burner assembly. Our stainless steel comfort cool handles never need replacing.

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TB 16x26 Camper
Length 36"
Depth 25"
Height 53"
Weight 125lbs
Cooking Grid 24"x15" (360 Sq in)


Price: 399.99
TB 16x26
Length 38"
Depth 30"
Height 51"
Cooking Grid 24"x15" (360 Sq in)


Price: 449.99
TB 20x28
Length 37"
Depth 29"
Height 53"
Weight 175lbs
Cooking Grid 26"x19" (4494 Sq in.)


Price: 469.99
TB 20x40
Length 54"
Depth 32"
Height 53"
Cooking Grid 38"x18.5" (304 Sq in)


Price: 669.99