Tis' the Season!...
Jeff's Backyard is taking
10% off all its fuel wood, including open stock oak, 25-lb
bagged wood like hickory,

mesquite, or pecan, and B&B lump charcoal. We'll even include our new

 aromatic piñon pine straight from New Mexico (which is also a great bug deterrent!) and our new 40-lb apple wood bags.

Sale ends Dec 24th at 2:00pm
Holiday Hours 
We will be closed Thursday December 24th at 2:00pm and will be closed thru Jan 1st, we will be open our regular hours on Saturday Jan 2nd.

Buy a Grill or Smoker and Get a $25 Groomer's Seafood Gift Card! 
This sale runs through December 24th

For any grill or smoker you purchase that is valued $500 or more, Jeff's Backyard will give you a $25 Groomer's Seafood Gift Card. Offer includes:
  • Weber gas grills
  • Big Green Egg ceramic cookers
  • Texas Trailblazer Smoker
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Wood & Charcoal


Jeff’s Backyard has smoking wood available in several forms. We have a 25 pound bag of either Oak, Mesquite, Pecan or Hickory mini logs (approximately 8”-10” split pieces). We also have smaller chunks and chips in a 2-3 pound bag from Weber. Those are available in Mesquite, Pecan, Hickory, Apple and Cherry. Our lump charcoal is available in a 20 pound bag from B&B or a 10 pound bag from Ozark Oak.

Mesquite: Produces the hottest fire and strongest flavor. Best with beef.

Oak: Strong flavor but not as much as mesquite. Universal flavor and provides a good base for other woods. Best with beef, but good with all meats.

Pecan: A Jeff’s Backyard favorite! Mild and nutty flavor. Best with pork or poultry, but good with all meats.

Hickory: Most commonly used wood. Mild flavor, a little stronger than pecan, with slight bacon taste. Best with pork & poultry, but good with all meats.

Apple: Mild fruity and sweet flavor. Best with pork and poultry. Can turn poultry skin brown

Cherry: Similar to but a little stronger than apple with a slightly bitter taste. Best with pork and poultry. Can also turn poultry skin brown.

Advantages of using lump charcoal:

Easier and faster to light using starter cubes, a chimney starter or an electric starter.

Lump charcoal burns cleaner because there are no harmful chemicals or petroleum products.

It burns hotter and longer because it is a natural product made from wood and does not have fillers like sand or clay that does not burn.

Lump charcoal produces less ash and byproduct because there are not extra fillers or additives.

In some cases (in the Big Green Egg for example), lump charcoal can be extinguished and relit/reused again.